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Family stories about Friis-Pohjanpalos

Sata vuotta Pohjanpaloja
Juhani Pohjanpalo
Tuomas Pohjanpalo
Maija Pohjanpalo
Hilma Pohjanpalo
Maijan kirjeitä sisarelleen
Tuomaan kirjeitä
Jouko Pohjanpalo

The family has gathered in two successive years 2006 and 2007 after a quite long time. A next gathering is expected to take place around 2010—2012.

Family Gathering 2007 in the family's old home county.

The family gathering of the descendants of Juhani and Hilma Pohjanpalo took place in a summer weekend on August 4-5, 2007 at Kokkola and Kalajoki. The gathering was held in the family's old home county.

The family is originally from the east coast of the Gulf of Bothnia; from Kalajoki in Mid-Ostrobothnia and from Ykspihlaja the port town of Kokkola.

Information of the event will be available later also in English.

100th year’s Family Gathering 2006 was a success

A family gathering of the descendants of Juhani and Hilma Pohjanpalo was held to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the last name Pohjanpalo.

The Kalajoki cantor Johan Friis and the merchant Jaakko Friis along with their families changed their last name to Pohjanpalo on May 12, 1906, the commemorative day of J. V. Snellman, the great Finnish nationalistic thinker.

Web site information

This site contains information on the family gatherings and the family history but regrettably mostly in Finnish.

Usually these family gatherings are organized by the older generation, which can be seen also in the content and illustrations of this web site. The goal of the family gathering is, however, that both the young and the old generations could feel at home in this wider family setting.

These web pages were opened April 3, 2006 to invite family members to celebrate the hundredth year of our Finnish family name.

No official family society has been established. But this website is published and maintained as a family website and it will be continued for the present.

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